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EyeFitU SizeEngine for Oracle Commerce Cloud

Deployment guide

Install extension

  • Download EyeFitU SizeEngine extension for Commerce Cloud
  • Login to Commerce Cloud admin interface, go to menu > Settings > Extensions
  • Click on Upload Extension and select extension file from the first step

Configure catalog

Add EyeFitU widget to product details page:

  • Go to menu > Design > Components, filter by Product Details, click on “Product Details” component, open “Product Details Widget” settings.
  • Drag and drop EyeFitU SizeEngine from Element Library in between Long Description and Inventory Status.
  • Save.

Prepare products in catalog for EyeFitU SizeEngine integration:

  • Go to menu > Catalog > Manage Catalogs > Product Types
  • Add two Product Properties to used product types (e.g. “Base Product” type)
    • Gender, required to have eyefitu_gender ID
    • Product Type, required to have eyefitu_productType ID
      • not to be confused with CC catalog product types
      • eyefitu_productType is needed to define garment type, e.g. dresses, pants, shoes
    • make sure that “Visible in Storefront” is checked for both properties
  • Fill in Brand, Gender and Product Type properties on products. Allowed gender values are male and female.

Setup size charts

Contact EyeFitU to setup your size charts.

For testing extension integration please use following metadata (until proper size charts would be set):

Brand Product type Gender Adidas Pants male, female 7 For All Mankind Jeans male, female BCBGGeneration Dresses female New Balance Hoodies male, female


Go to menu > Publishing and Publish current list.