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Solution for eCommerce platforms

EyeFitU SizeEngine integrates with major eCommerce platforms through ready-available extensions. For other plaforms custom integration using SDK is required.

In this section we list prerequisites and review integration details for each eCommerce platform. For a high-level solution overview go to EyeFitU main page.


To provide size recommendations EyeFitU SizeEngine should be configured based on existing size charts.

Usually integration process is conducted in following stages:

  1. Product catalog and size chart assesment.
  2. SizeEngine and product catalog configuration.
  3. Quality assurance and refinements on size charts.
  4. Going live.

Oracle Commerce Cloud

Integration with Oracle Commerce Cloud is implemented as an extension to Commerce Cloud. Deployment guide outlines the integration details.


For shops on Shopify platform we deliver EyeFitU SizeEngine app through the Shopify app store. Shopify app could be used for self-service integration, please use in-app guide to configure sizing.


WooCommerce stores could use our extension, which integrates EyeFitU SizeEngine into product pages.

Direct integration

For other platforms EyeFitU SizeEngine could in impletented using an SDK, which allows an easy two-line integration into product details pages.